Please verify your technical data again and please check the stated primary MX host in particular. Please correct incorrect entries.

Subsequently, please follow the instructions in the documentation of the name server configuration. Due to the high number of possible configurations we have limited the documentation to the general description of necessary modifications.

Over the test period, emails identified as spam will be specially marked. This method enables you to define filters in your email client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.), which will move the emails identified as spam e.g. to a special folder.

We provide some examples of the filter setup in popular e-mail clients. With it, you have the option of sorting the e-mails checked by eXpurgate in your email client.

By using the eXpurgate options you may determine the handling of emails in each category indiviually. For example you will be able to have all mails categorized as"spam" sent to a special email address.

To access these options please log by using your username and password. You will find detailed guides to the filter options in our support section.